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Services is run by dancers.

The main premise of this site is to teach the Rock Dance and its culture. However, the dance instructors have diverse experience that will craft your experience on this site. You will find a plethora of performance possibilities, and we will adjust each service to match the needs of our patrons. To book a lesson or event service, just book out the date and time you need, and give specific details through the email or over the phone. Service will range beyond the following:

  • Dance Lessons (Private or Group)

  • Music Theory

  • Custom Music Arrangement (Personalized music)

  • Video Editing (Personal and Promotional)

  • Event Coordinating & Performance (Hosting services and more)

  • Choreography

  • Fitness Training (For weight management and stamina building)

  • Adult & Child (Our customers do use dance as a babysitter or time passers for their kids, we don't mind!)

We can definitely shape our services to fit your needs.

Book the time you want, and contact us about exactly how we can help.

We will do everything in our power to help you meet your goals!


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